Features of Galaxy S9 are terrific

Do you remember that not long ago Samsung launched an update that solved the problems of red dyes detected in some units of Galaxy S8 +? This update does not seem to have reached the Galaxy S8, or at least not to the unit we have analyzed, and it is a pity that during this review we did not have the option that after this update allowed to adjust the color temperature not only the center of the Screen but also from its corners. Hope, with the entry of Galaxy S9, the next typhoon of Samsung Company, in the market, we won’t have any kind of inconvenience regarding the screen as the company, according to an industry insider, would go with the latest screen technology for bringing an evolution in the smartphones and to provide the users a matured revolutionary display concept.

 We say this because, when testing the S8 +, we could see that the corners of the screen (especially up and down) showed some strange tonality if the brightness was raised to the maximum, opened a white background image and looked at the phone from a certain angle. In this Galaxy S8 comes to happen more or less the same, so we hope that the update that has already reached the S8 + is not late to be distributed among S8 users. After seriously analyzing all these issues by the company, planning to launch a stylish, worry-free smartphone has already been started so early just after the Galaxy S8 hit the market. Worth mentioning that the edge-to-edge fabulous display, 5.8” 4K AMOLED screen of upcoming Galaxy S9, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor with Adreno GPU and Exynos 9810 chipset powered by 7nm technology are the splendid features that make the Galaxy S9 the best smartphone of the year 2018.

The first mobile with fingerprint sensor under the screen is from Vivo

Each time you leave the Galaxy S8 at rest, at the bottom of the screen a virtual button appears (by the way,  that no one worries that the screen can be burned because of this button, have already thought about it) that emulates the function of a physical button. In fact, when you hit it you notice even a small vibration, and then it is when you turn on the screen just as you would if you pressed the physical button on a Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 or S5. The same recent trend will also be followed by Samsung Galaxy S9, coming out next year with a virtual Home button and another alternation in this smartphone by the designers is the position of the fingerprint scanner, and we can see it beneath the display.

To finish this section, we only have to mention a curiosity about the S9 camera: you will be glad to know that the desirable modish Galaxy S9 champ will carry a super-awesome feature – 16MP+16MP Dual lens primary camera and 12MP front camera offering supreme picture quality having a perfect combination of wide range of colors, contrast and sharpness with 3D effects and other 2D realistic thrilling effects.

Reference: edgegalaxys9.com

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